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Chilled Semen

Chilled or cooled semen is fresh semen with an extender added that preserves the semen to hold for up to 14 days at 5-10 degrees Celsius (stored in refrigerator NOT freezer). Chilled semen is an ideal solution to save time and travel to a stud dog. Semen is collected before 10am from the stud dog and its shipped to the breeder to arrive before 12 noon next day.

You ship the complete collection so that the breeder can inseminate the bitch two or three time over number of days. You don’t need veterinary professional to inseminate but it is important that it’s done correctly.

Advantages of Chilled Semen:

Save cost and time in travelling to stud dog.

Next day delivery within Europe.

Small shipping package ( under 2kg).

Low cost export compared to frozen semen.

Professional (vet) not required to handle chilled semen.

Semen hold for up to 14 days.

Semen can be transported as checked in luggage on plane.

Disadvantages of Chilled Semen:

You can only ship on business days. Monday to Thursday.

Some extenders only hold for 3 days.

If not handled correctly semen will get destroyed.

If not processed correctly sperm quality will be damaged.

Timing has to be correct from collection, shipping to insemination.

Breeders often don’t get semen in time for insemination.

Semen can get lost or damaged in transit.

Cost of Chilled Semen:

Semen collection, sperm count, morphology, extender dilution, specialised box for chilled semen transport and courier costs are all included in the price.

For more information please go to the FAQ web page (click here) or contact us: +353 504 58900 or +353 86 822 2100.

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